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on 30 april 1996"team 430" was founded by 5 bmx rider. since the crew was consisted of top professional japanese riders at the time, their influence has spread for wide across japan as well as the rest of the world soon after its inception. as a prominent leading figure in the bmx scene,they have been organizing numerous events and contests. along with their official team riders,who are closely linked to various cultures,their clothings lable "430/ fourthirty"has also generated popularity.With their tasteful approach to garment,430 has been not only creating a buzz with their original items, but also making products in collaboration with varius brands in every season.

Goods of 430(fourthirty)

MOTEL WORKS is a project built on Kotaro Tanaka's life and is intended to pass on his passion and experience to the next BMX generation. We seek to propose a lifestyle - fashion lines, schools etc - that encircles the BMX.

The reason why Kotaro decided to call it "MOTEL WORKS" instead of "MOTEL BIKE" is rather simple. He wanted to propose a complete lifestyle and not just the BMX through the MOTEL WORKS brand.


Produced by CHAD DEGROOT boasted a popular with an overwhelming mid 90's style DECO BMX. BMX flatland only to unconstrained Charm FREESTYLE frames & parts expand.

Goods of DECO BMX

Free magazine based in Tokyo established 2003. Features "Hidden Champions" of art, music, skateboarding, music and BMX who are infrequently featured in mainstream media. Countless readers are presented with the work of underground artist and continues to gain support from people all over japan, and as of late, expanding internationally. Hidden Champion also produces multi -talented creative jobs such as advertising, catalog, design, web design, a publication company by the name of Hidden Books and at the end of 2014, opens WAG Gallery & Project Space ( here in Tokyo.


At the end of 2012, HERMIT was established by three teenagers.

Initially, these three were going to open a used clothing store, but their plan transformed into an idea to start their own clothing label. Even though they were clueless about how to run a clothing brand, they started making T-shirts by silk-screening with heaps of trial and error.

The word HERMIT indicates °»a solitary person°… or °»an animal of solitary habit°….

One such animal would be the hermit crab. In order to find their prefect fit, hermit crabs carefully examine the size and shape of an empty shell, which they make into its habit.

This characteristic of solitary animals is no stranger to humans, especially when we choose the right clothes by color, shiluouette, and texture to fit our lifestyles.

As for its graphic design, HERMIT adopts unique views and ideologies from counter-cultures like skateboarding. At the same time, HERMIT always pushes its boundaries with the interpretation of surrounding ideas to create clothing that is essential to our lives.

With simple yet refined design/artwork and a little bit of playfulness, HERMIT pushes its aesthetic value and concept to the world. HERMIT will never stop until our products strike a chord in your hearts.

Goods of HERMIT

Somehow, HERESY was pre-born on a viennese building balcony during a warm summer night of august 2009 when life long french rider Alexis Desolneux, alsacian artist Michael Husser and Wien resident Sebastian Grubinger were sipping a drink after a long day of riding at the Heldenplatz. Alexis was frustrated with his bike sponsor and ignited this conversation about how nice it would be to make bikes together°ń That night, ideas were in the air.

Fast forward january 2010, Alexis decides to start working on what he has always dreamt about : bringing together friends to create the brand that does not exist for them, with no other goal than sharing their passion and putting out the functional and beautiful products they need to experience as much freedom as possible through riding. Products solely inspired by the evolution of bicycle motion in their heads.
There is always another possible way to envision and enjoy riding. And it is also about all the good times the rider°«s life brings along the line. Riding teached us to pave our own path when there was no existing path in front of us. We believe there is no more fulfilling way to experience riding and life in general than heading in the direction each of us finds himself inspired and comfortable with. The possibilities of riding are so vast°ńas vast as humans can imagine motion on a bicycle.

Goods of HERESY

AUTUM bicycles from Berlin.
AUTUM passion is BMX and to make the BEST products for riders.
The original FLAT.STREET.WHATEVER! brand.

Goods of AUTUM

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